Acronymia project R A F : Reprogram or Activate Function

Bench it !

Have a similar barrier structure close to your living or working space where you or someone might want to sit or stop for a moment, smoke a cigarette, enjoy the view, relax during your coffee break, or just loiter. Want to install your own bench? Four bench kits are presently available, free and upon request, at the Fusebox - the Biennial Information Centre in Liverpool. They are available for residents to propose and activate their own specific site.

The bench kit include : four 40 cm pre-drilled triangular cedar wood pieces and 12 screws. For installation, all you need to do is screw the pieces on both sides of the existent wooden structure, preferably with an electrical drill (see existing examples).

In exchange for this bench kit participants are asked to submit an image, the address of the chosen location, and are encouraged to send a comment. The information can be sent directly at